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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The public snubbed again

After Lakewood voters soundly rejected the Board of Education's budget at the polls last month, members of the board and the Township Committee met, as they are required to do, to consider cuts to the spending plan. The committee is ready to vote on a trimmed-down school budget at its meeting at 7:30 tonight.

Assuming all goes well with the committee, then it will be the school board's turn to vote on the new budget. Its meeting is scheduled for 8:15 a.m. Friday. That's right, 8:15 a.m. How convenient for the many people who care about education in Lakewood. But then again, it won't be the first time the school board has met to vote on an important matter before the workday begins. Its meeting to name a new superintendent was held at 8 a.m. last July 6.

The public should be outraged. It should insist that the Lakewood board hold all of its meetings at a time that is most convenient for the community.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lakewood will be holding the school board meeting at 8pm for your convenience, please ignore the alligators, the moat and the brimstone and fire.Have a nice day.

5:05 PM, May 16, 2006  

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