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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Musical chairs in Holmdel

School boards can place teachers most anywhere. After all, a K-12 certification means the person can teach any grade level. But the teacher transfers on the agenda at the Holmdel Board of Education meeting tonight have to raise eyebrows. According to some of those involved, high school employees connected to the football program won't be there come September, either transferred to other schools in the district or not rehired at all.

Holmdel is the high school where the football coach resigned in the middle of 2005 season after the administration reinstated a player he had dismissed from the team for disciplinary reasons. Many of his assistants followed him in protest. The superintendent promised the administration would not retaliate, one employee said. Now there are reports of nine transfers, including one phys ed treacher who has worked there 34 years.

The board had better have sound educational reasons for the transfers, especially any linked to the football team. Tenure rules prevent a board from getting rid of an employee without cause. But moving someone against his will can encourage a resignation or retirement that accomplishes the same thing. Is that what's really happening in Holmdel? And are the best interests of the students being served there?


Anonymous NickFera said...

Why don't they get rid of tenure, and just treat teachers like regular employees of a business? The principal would be their boss, and he would make decisions regarding hiring, firing, and transfers of teachers. Reward teachers when they're good, and don't reward 'em when they're bad. And fire 'em if they're really awful. That's how it's done in every other industry. Why does it have to be so complicated in schools?

6:21 PM, May 17, 2006  

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