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Monday, February 05, 2007

LaSane's last chance

Michael LaSane of Berkeley has one last chance to show some decency and spare the family and friends of Kathleen Stanfield Weinstein of Tinton Falls, the teacher he is charged with killing, the pain of reliving her horrifying last moments and death 11 years ago. He is scheduled to stand trial Tuesday in Toms River on charges of felony murder, murder, kidnapping, robbery and carjacking. If convicted of all charges, he could face life plus 60 years in prison. That'll mean he will never be freed again, which is really what he deserves.

But he could still plead guilty, and maybe get a somewhat reduced term -- as long he never sees the light of day. This would save court time and, more importantly, save Weinstein's family and legion of friends from her Middletown teaching days the agony of watching her final hours unfold for the jury. The star exhibit would be the 46-minute videocassette she recorded of her pleas to her abductor to spare her life. LaSane's lawyer is trying to bar that recording, which would be an injustice.

It's long past time for justice in this case. The survivors deserve closure after 11 years. And LaSane doesn't deserve any mercy, whether he cops a plea or takes his chances before a jury.


Blogger margaret said...

I hope LaSane's former lawyer got hit with some serious ethics charges for what he did, which in effect, was give a killer a chance for a lighter sentence.

2:15 PM, February 06, 2007  
Anonymous anonymous student said...

Does anyone remember this? I do. About a year later, Law and Order did a similar show in regard to a woman taping her murderer. The story was that well-known and upset many people, to think that a man would kill a person to please himself, so he would have a Camry on his 17th birthday.

That poor woman was Kleenex to him.

10:16 AM, February 07, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why should LeSane get a new trial because his mother was a slut?

5:45 PM, February 07, 2007  

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