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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Student voices' creativity

When our January Student Voices topic asked students to consider what they would try if they knew they could not fail, we were overwhelmed by the creativity displayed in the answers. Sure, we received essays about bringing about world peace or curing disease, some with personal touches. Those responses show how seriously students approach what they perceive as really important.

But then there were those who branched out. Writers and cartoonists who would scale Mount Everest or learn to fly. Another would compete in a dog sled race. There were singers, actors and ballerinas. Several would invent a time machine. One student wanted to exercise super powers so "I wouldn't ever be late for school.'' Then there were the heart-tuggers: the asthmatic who just wanted to finish a one-mile run, the teen who wanted "a day without negative criticism.'' And dreamers such as the writer who would "fall head over heels in love.''

The winning essays from among 221 essays from 30 schools plus the winning cartoon will be published next Tuesday. Enjoy!


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