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Monday, January 08, 2007

Ah, choo! It's an ... allergy

Those of us battling the achy sinuses, sniffles, sneezes, wheezes, coughs or, in my case, the laryngitis of a winter cold probably don't feel any better reading that it's not a cold at all. It's most likely an allergy. The culprits are mold spores that cause allergies. And what's to blame for their increased activity? The warm weather.

It seems mold spores outside would die off in the cold weather or be covered by snow. Of course, there's been little cold and no snow in these parts this winter. So, the spores multiply and spread to our nasal passages as we enjoy the warmer than usual outdoors, or they come on inside with the doors or windows open.

That explanation won't make us feel any better. But if we get a cold wave, complete with snow, we can look forward to getting a real winter cold -- probably because our body has been exposed to the fluctuating temperatures. But this time we won't be able to blame allergies for it.


Blogger margaret said...

It's crazy weather, isn't it? This time last year, I was away on vacation, but I was told that there was 60 degree weather and bad thunderstorms, so this type of weather has happened before in January. This month it just seems so consistent. And yes, this family has the allergies/cold or whatever it is, and it's quite annoying. I'm not complaining too though... this was the first year in many where my family was not sick at Christmastime!

8:23 AM, January 09, 2007  
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