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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Goldman Sachs jackpot

People in the private sector who maintain they're not doing as well financially as those in the public sector obviously don't work for Goldman Sachs, the investment banker. Employees there are doing very well. Its fourth-quarter earnings report notes it will be paying an average of $622,000 in salaries, bonuses and benefits to its 26,467 employees worldwide. The payments, up 40 percent from last year, reflect the rising stock and commodities markets and record share sales and takeovers.

Not every employee will be rolling in dough, as that $622,000 is skewed by the highest earners. The payouts are based on how much the employee brings in. Star bankers and traders could see bonuses worth $25 million and beyond. But even newcomers can expect to see six-figure Christmas presents.

All that money has to go somewhere. You can bet real estate agents, car dealers and boat salesmen can't wait to show their top-of-the-line wares to these folk, who can well afford it. But really, how much money does anyone need?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but yet lose his soul?"

Gee, I wonder who first asked that question?

7:17 PM, December 13, 2006  
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