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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

McGreevey again?

Disgraced former Gov. Jim McGreevey made the news again Tuesday with the private unveiling of his official portrait in his former statehouse office. Fortunately, everyone involved - including Gov. Corzine - kept the event low-key. Given McGreevey's legacy of higher taxes and questionable appointments - plus a resignation that cemented New Jersey as a national laughingstock - the ceremony shouldn't have happened at all. But it did, delayed until McGreevey's book tour ended.

That book didn't set the book world ablaze, proving that most readers know what to avoid. A tell-all book cast as a confession that didn't tell that much just isn't compelling. We predicted in a September editorial that McGreevey's book might go the way of former Gov. Christine Todd Whitman's 2005 political book that was fetching 4 cents for a used copy on the Internet. If the pile of about 20 copies of the McGreevey book on and under the "50% off, post-Christmas sale'' table at my local book shop last week is any indication, 4 cents might be a lot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

McGreevey is like a puss infected pimple that just won't go away,and always pops up when your going on a date

6:44 PM, January 03, 2007  

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