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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Displays of the season

A letter writer from Middletown wondered whether all those houses and lawns bedecked with hundreds, if not thousands, of lights are wasting electrical energy and money. We're all supposed to have caught the spirit of the season the week before Christmas, but he raises an interesting point. All those lights have to boost the homeowner's electricity bill. And are house displays what Christmas is really about?

The writer is not against celebrating Christmas. He suggests reasonable indoor tree lighting. And all that money for outdoor displays should be redirected to charitable and relief organizations. Is he on to something, or is it "Bah, Humbug!''?


Blogger margaret said...

I think some people go way over the "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" over the top. What is the point? We keep it simple at our house. It is both time-consuming and aggravating to bedeck the outside of the house and lawn.It is exciting to see the lights at night, and it does add to the magical feeling that Christmas has for children and others. But in some sections of some neighborhoods, I feel a surge of what could be Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (I mean no disrespect here) because the light displays on each lawn are so overwhelming that I don't know what to focus on first, and, I don't really know what messages are being imparted, save maybe confusion!

11:38 AM, December 20, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because all of the ACLU clones have tried to take Chrismas away from everyone, and we should worship them instead.
People wish to show that they are proud to be Christians.
First the goverment buildings, now private homes. Don't you people have any shame

1:30 PM, December 20, 2006  

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