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Friday, October 26, 2007

Blue is in, sign-wise

Those roadside campaign signs add visual pollution to the landscape this time of year. I can't imagine anyone casts a vote in response. But the candidates obviously think they make a difference. However, when it comes to signs in the hot race for state Senate in the 12th District, there's little to distinguish between Democratic Sen. Ellen Karcher and Republican Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck because both campaigns are using royal blue. So that instant recognition both were seeking is gone.

It's been years since candidates have attached party labels to names on the signs, and this year is no different. Name, not party, counts. Nonsense! If only the candidates were as independent of the party bosses as they - and their signs - want us to believe.

Rarely does a sign display any creativity, but the Democrats in the 11th District have shown some spark. Senate candidate Villapiano and his Assembly running mates Napolitani and Pirmat all share the same first name - John. So their sign reads "John'' vertically at left, with their last names stacked horizontally at right. How clever. If we must have campaign signs, at least make us smile.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes and I feel "blue" everytime I pull the lever in the voting booth, because nothing ever changes in this state.

5:00 PM, October 30, 2007  

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