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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Abelow's wit and wisdom

When Brad Abelow, the state treasurer, met with the Press editorial board Tuesday, we expected the type of discussion that yielded the front-page story "Corzine plan for toll hikes still evolving; Abelow: Don't expect to see it before election.''

But what we didn't expect was a public official with a gift for one liners:
- "It's a game of inches,'' referring to efforts to trim state spending. The car fleet is being reduced. And, catch this, the state is actually reusing computers and furniture. Yes, it seems state employees are learning that "new'' is no longer the rule.
- It's "not the most flexible of work forces,'' describing state employees and the Civil Service rules that protect their jobs.
- The Corzine administration is confronting "the culture of no.'' His example: the lack of meaningful property tax reform.

Who knew that the governor's office had such a clever wordsmith in its midst. I'm not sure Abelow even realizes it.


Anonymous Slappy said...

While the Corzine Administration may be confronting "the culture of no," Jon Corzine, the man, seems to struggle with the concept. To wit: He promised during the campaign that he would support "no" new tax increases. So much for that promise. I take anything this administration says with a grain of salt. They've given me little reason to trust anything they say.

12:30 PM, August 23, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, that SUV that crashed with Corzine in it cut the car fleet by one.

6:38 PM, August 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any "big business" expert knows that cutting costs is not a game of inches, it is an attack of massive layoffs of personnel, downsizing on a merciless scale. Only the executive suite is immune, everyone else is expendable. Corzine and Abelow have spent enough time on Wall st. to know that. Everything else they're talking about is nothing if they don't take a hatchet to the state payroll, the uncles, aunts, sons and daughters and other cronies who haven't the guts to go out and make a legitimate living. And all the elected officials who commit these fiscal sins and won't face facts are just as guilty. New Jersey's silent legislature is just as responsible for our problems. Come November, everybody out. Clean out the State House, fumigate its ethics and put a whole new crew of non-politicians, anyone who isn't a Democrat or a Republican, elect only independents of one stripe or another. Corzine and Abelow offer nothing but obfuscation and the legislature offers nothing - period. Give them a nice November Goodbye.

3:30 PM, August 27, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you expect RESPECT for the voters of NJ.
They know that no matter what they do, the Idiots of this state will no only vote Democrates back in. But also give Corzine a second term.
We deserve what they do to us.

1:59 PM, August 29, 2007  

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