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Monday, July 09, 2007

The highfalutin governor

Gov. Corzine does not have a warm and fuzzy relationship with the public the way, say, Senate President and former acting Gov. Richard J. Codey has. Codey portrays himself as a regular guy, which belies his stature as the ultimate Trenton insider. Corzine sees himself as someone extraordinary and uses language that reinforces that image.

A recent poll found that the Democratic governor's not connecting with his audience. He has only himself to blame with his reference to confounding Wall Street terms such monetization and securitization. And he's one of several state officials who use terms such as NPC, pathfinder project, air rights and naming rights.

Republicans say Corzine is trying to confuse the voters by calling his proposals to lease or sell the state's toll roads "asset monetization.'' Fairleigh Dickinson University pollster Peter Woolley says there's a danger for Corzine in using these fancy terms: The plans will be interpreted by others, some of whom may not have the governor's best interests in mind. To find out what these terms mean, check out


Anonymous anson said...

What a commentary on New Jersey intelligence. Throw our good citizens a few multiple syllable words and they won't know what's being pulled over on them. Revealing that tidbit to legislators will have our elected servants running for dictionaries and old copies of "30 Days To a More Powerful Vocabulary"; a new weapon to to obfuscate their corruption and delude those who elected them. I'm surprised that along with "monetization" and "securitization" the Developer/Legislative Combine hasn't covered up stealing property from citizens by calling it the "condoization of the Jersey Shore". It does have a ring to it.

10:58 PM, July 13, 2007  

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