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Monday, June 11, 2007

Belmar at its best

The most impressive thing about the Belmar Seafood Festival Sunday was the diversity of people: Young and old, families and singles, with all colors represented. There were no agendas, other than lining up to get food, browsing the exhibits of crafts and nonprofits, listening to music and having a good time without succumbing to the increasing heat in a sun that seemed to be missing farther inland.

My only advice to the organizers: having more tables to plop down with your food (with signs on where to find them) and somehow making it easier for parents with really young ones to get around the grounds. Once you were able to make it to the boardwalk, it was a great day at the oceanfront. And oh how Ocean Avenue has developed.

For people who think that the Jersey Shore draws only one type of audience, the festival proved otherwise.


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