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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Students find their voice

The Press celebrated the talents of our Student Voices winners at the annual reception Monday night at Brookdale Community College, sponsor of the contest. As editor of the page, now completing its ninth year, the quality of the writing and art work by youngsters in grades 7-12 never ceases to amaze me. Reading the prize-winning essays - which are the cream of the cream from among 1,663 submitted this school year - plus a look at the editorial cartoon should allay any concerns about the communication skills of the next generation.

Don't just take my word for it. Read the winning essays and see the winning cartoon, plus photos of the winners, with our review of the Student Voices year on the op-ed page next Tuesday. Look for a video of the reception to be posted then, too, at


Anonymous Ray said...

I'm glad to hear the the cream of the cream is impressive but they account for only a small percentage of the group. I'm still worried that the average is quite unimpressive.

11:05 PM, June 05, 2007  

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