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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The name game is over in Toms River

It was a long fight that started more than three decades ago, but the place everyone calls Toms River officially became Toms River Township when the name-change election results were certified Tuesday evening. The former name, Dover Township, was doomed because it was never a household word -- for its residents or anyone else. Sure, there's the East Dover section and various businesses use Dover in their name, but when pressed for a location, the answer was always "Toms River.'' And people didn't care that the Dover Township name dated to 1767, when the town was founded. That name now becomes the answer to a trivia question about Toms River.

Still, more than 10,000 voters didn't back the name change, claiming it was unnecessary and would be too expensive to change all those nameplates. But the advocates, from the mayor, the Chamber of Commerce and retirement communities, carried the day by an 8-to-5 margin. Now, they have to make sure the estimated $20,000 changeover costs don't get out of control. Luring new businesses -- no longer confused about why this Dover with its 95,000 population wasn't on any maps or directories but the 7,500-resident village of Toms River made them -- will more than make the change worthwhile. And finally, all the schools, sports leagues and shops don't have to add anything to their locale after Toms River.


Blogger margaret said...

My mother in law fought the name change. She has been a resident for nearly 40 years, and felt strongly about it. I guess it's like saying that something you knew, understood and believed isn't really worth investing yourself in...she was sad when they voted Dover out.

8:36 AM, November 16, 2006  

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