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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Reaching too high for rights

Sometimes a gadfly, someone who attends meetings to hold officials' feet to the fire, can go too far.

There's no reason why the state Supreme Court has to hear the case of a man from Pine Hill in Camden County who has already won the right to videotape town meetings but wants to do it his way. You'd think the high court had weightier matters to consider.

At issue is whether the borough can set guidelines that limit videotaping to just public officials. Audience members complained that they didn't like getting caught on tape, so the town imposed restrictions. Maybe those complainers were unnecessarily self-conscious. But the whole point of taping is to record the actions of public officials, not the crowd.

That gadfly, in pursuing endless appeals, is wasting borough money plus the time of all the lawyers involved. He's made his point. Nobody is stopping him from taping. Enough is enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The New Jersey Supreme Court reviews civil actions in two major ways: (1) if there is a dissenting opinion (two-to-one) in the Appellate Division; (2) if the Court grants certification. The latter means that the Court believes the case is worthy of review and chooses to hear it -- as with this case.

It seems strange for someone to criticize the courts for being too careful about our civil rights, or to criticize our public officials for working too hard.

8:56 AM, November 03, 2006  

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