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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Homecoming, Pentagon style

The closing of Fort Monmouth in 2011 and the transfer of its mission to the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland may seem like a long time off, but the Defense Department is already gearing up. Where are they seeking people to fill internships and jobs at the fort until then? Maryland, of course.

They're no dummies, those Pentagon folks, undoubtedly applying lessons from previous Base Realignment and Closing transfers. They're reaching out to Marylanders or Jerseyans going to school in Maryland and offering work at the fort now. So when it comes time to relocate in four years or so, these newcomers won't consider the shift to Aberdeen a life-altering experience, as fear many long-time New Jerseyans who work at the fort. Rather, they'll be going home.

I never realized the Defense Department was that clever.


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