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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Every day's a campaign

Lest you think the election campaign is over, think again. Included amid the advertising circulars and credit card solicitations in my mailbox Wednesday were pieces from state Sen. Ellen Karcher and Assemblyman Michael Panter asking for my household's input regarding property tax reform.

The brightly colored Karcher piece seemed a bit dated. It listed nine possible ways to reduce property taxes, along with space for other suggestions. It arrived on the very day that the four legislative committees studying the problem issued their recommendations, which touched on some of those nine ideas. Maybe the Karcher item has been sitting in some post office back room since soon after the committees were formed in July. The Panter letter was more up to date. It enclosed a card for requesting updates on the four topics under review.

Give the legislators credit: They realize that serving their constituents is not limited to the months preceding Election Day. It's a year-round job. But as you're shuffling through the mail, it seems as though the election season never ends.


Anonymous deep fried said...

Tell Ellen Karcher that she is an enemy of freedom. That idiotic bill she introduced to ban trans-fats in restaurants is typical of the sort of the intrusive, big brother, nanny-state government that Comrade Karcher supports. Ellen Karcher will do NOTHING about property taxes except make the problem worse.

1:56 PM, November 18, 2006  

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