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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The worker's comp campaigner

Yet another addition to our "Only in New Jersey'' file. The New Jersey election law overseers ruled Tuesday that it's OK for a candidate for the Linden City Council who hurt herself after tripping on a sidewalk while going door-to-door last year to use unused campaign funds to pay her medical bills. Election law forbids candidates from diverting campaign funds for personal use. But as long as the injury was directly related to campaigning, that prohibition doesn't apply.

Who would ever think that a campaigner could file what amounts to a worker's comp claim and win? But that's the analogy the Election Law Enforcement Commission used, making it clear the injury had to be campaign-related. Falling down while combing the neighborhood for votes qualifies, the commissioners said.

But it wouldn't take much of a stretch to imagine other scenarios: Food poisoning from one too many chicken dinners? A nasty bruise after clumsily striking a lectern or awkwardly entering/exiting a campaign car? Falling off a bar stool after pounding the flesh in the cocktail lounge? Where will it end?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about fainting in the voting cubicle when you see the sorry choices that are running for office?

4:53 PM, June 26, 2007  

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