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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A misstep against illegals

A Keyport councilman is taking aim at landlords who rent to illegal immigrants in a proposed ordinance to be discussed at the Borough Council meeting tonight. The ordinance sets a $1,000 fine for the landlord any time officials - police or code enforcement officers - found a residential unit was rented to someone in the U.S. illegally. It wouldn't kick in until the borough received a complaint about an address or if the landlord was applying for a certificate of occupancy.

Councilman Joseph Wedick says he isn't targeting illegal immigrants. But how else can you explain asking about the legal status of a housing unit dweller? The public interest most often would be a complaint, which had better be more substantive than the color of the apartment dweller's skin or the unfamiliar language he speaks. Otherwise, this ordinance would have no chance of overcoming a court challenge for being vague, among other constitutional problems.

This proposal is wrongheaded. If overcrowded housing is the issue, then existing residential codes should be enforced. Immigration policy is a federal matter that isn't going to solved by one town going after landlords who rent to immigrants. One step the feds could take is to issue national identification cards, which would separate the legals from the illegals. But that's Washington's call, not Keyport's.


Anonymous Don Kosloff said...

Illegal immigrant should be targeted, just as other criminals are.

3:22 AM, October 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes large numbers of Mexicans moving into a small area is a good thing. Take a look at Red Bank. The Mexicans there pile 20 into a house on the west side of town. As a result, the landlords have jacked up the rents there considerably. Those blacks that used to dominate the west side have fled, save those living in public housing and those few black families that actually own their own home. In short, the Mexicans have done more than the Red Bank cops to clean up that town.

Viva la Mexico!

4:21 PM, October 18, 2006  
Blogger RedJersey1 said...

As usual Larry's head is in the sand. The American Revolution didnt start in Washington, well of course Washington wasn't there yet.

My point is the Revolution started with the ordinary Citizen in small town meeting. Lexington and Concord were smaller than modern day Keyport. Yet, it was those towns, that shot heard round the world that sparked change. Not in Boston, New York, and/or Trenton. Two small towns sparked a torch that shines today.

I am often moved at the Norman Rockwell painting "Freedom of Speech". Which depicts a small town man dressed in working mans clothes standing up to voice his opinion. Thats what is happening here. People in small towns aren't waiting for the Feds. The are saying if not here, where? Not now, when? If not me, who?

Americans are fed up with being overtaxed to pay for illegals healthcare. The Anchor babies, the driving down of wages, and taking Americans Jobs. The arguement that they do jobs nobody else will doesnt hold water. They are being hired to Frame houses, build foundations, and build commerical buildings (hope one isnt a house your in).

We have to hire Bi lingual interpretors and Lawyers for them. WHY?!?!?

We should penalize those landlords who do break the law and "knowingly and puposely" allow overcrowding. In addition allow those who "knowingly and purposely" rent from them who are BREAKING THE LAW by being here and not respecting our soverign nation.

The fact is our Local Governments enact local laws all the time. Should we wait for Washington to set our speed limits, stop signs, street names etc.?

I wonder how can Larry expect a Keyport Citizen to obey the law when illegals won't and are not penalized for it? A Keyport citizen receiving a Local Ordinace Ticket from an Officer had better pay it right? If you dont you will end up on a Warrant and possibly in the County Jail. This is a perfect example of local laws enacted.

Yet those who already broke our laws by being here should be left alone?

Lets see Larry try to back pedal out of this one.


PS: Having an work done at your house, include a clause that says anyone working there must be a legal citizen of the USA and/or have a Legal right to work here. And must be able to prove such, upon request of you.

5:56 PM, October 18, 2006  

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