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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Students' voices clear

Faithful readers of Student Voices, the Press' monthly opinion page for youngsters in grades 7-12, know how well these teenagers put their thoughts on paper, whether in essays or cartoons. But last night's reception held for the winners, hosted by program sponsor Brookdale Community College, verified what their writing and drawing strongly indicated: These are kids to make any parent proud.

They are bright, polite, gracious and composed. They're quick with applause for their colleagues. Whether their classmates won one certificate or nine, their school pride was obvious. And when we asked the four finalists to read their essays, without much warning, they delivered recitations that commanded rapt attention. The two heart-tugging essays brought a tear or two - a tribute to the writers and their ability to express it so well in person, too.

A page reviewing the Student Voices year is scheduled Tuesday, June 13. We also plan an online photo gallery at


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