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Monday, June 12, 2006

Profiled at the Tonys

I like musical theater, be it Broadway, regional, even college and high school productions. So, of course I watched the Tony Awards show Sunday night. It was good to see "Jersey Boys'' win big for its portrayal of the Four Seasons, a Jersey group from my generation. It's also about time New Jersey got some good publicity.

While I really enjoyed the show's clips of stars long ago gone (Groucho teasing a young Leslie Uggams and never giving her the award is a classic), I soon realized the advertisers had profiled me. Yes, I'm in that 45-and-older category. But does every ad have to be a drug for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleeping problems or whatever ails boomers and beyond, or long-term care insurance, or a hair product, with a new car or two mixed in for variety?

I don't watch much TV and I'm probably healthier for it. Watching all these pharmaceutical ads can make one sick. Does anyone else out there in the blogosphere feel the same way?


Anonymous NickFera said...

"Ask your doctor if Kryptonite is right for you." Yeah, those advertisers think we're all hooked on going to doctors and taking prescription medicines. And those of us who aren't ... well, they're hoping we'll get on board.

11:24 AM, June 13, 2006  

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