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Monday, August 21, 2006

No sympathy for Marshall

He had his wife killed and thus ruined his life and that of his family, but Robert Marshall still pleaded for mercy when he was resentenced Friday on murder-for-hire charges. "I made a terrible mistake,'' he said. He knows he caused "a lot of suffering'' for his family. "I take full responsibility for my actions which led to her death,'' he added. Even after 22 years, it just rings oh so hollow.

How can anyone have sympathy for someone who tells the courtroom - which included two of his sons and a former daughter-in- law - that he had "remained faithful'' to his wife until 14 months before his murder? He's proud of that? That speaks volumes about his value system.

The impact on his family was so telling, with one son believing his father should never see freedom while another reiterated his belief that his father is innocent. The ex-daughter-in-law said her children should have a grandfather. It made for compelling courtroom drama. But in the end, Marshall could not not escape the fact that his wife was killed and he made it happen. A life sentence was the right call.


Anonymous Nick Fera said...

Ha! The Marshall case is a perfect example of a very minor story occupying news space -- for two decasdes -- simply because it's about crime. Yes, it's tragic and all that. But is it really news? It doesn't affect the lives of many people. If Marshall hadn't murdered his wife, would anyone's life (other than the Marshalls') be any different? Isn't the story classic fodder for the supermarket tabloids? It's fascinating and entertaining, but it just ain't news.

10:20 AM, August 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A sentence of life will only be just if Marshall is denied parole each time he applies for it.

9:11 PM, August 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Fera, Robert Marshall was convicted of violating laws enacted by our elected Legislature(s). He was investigated and prosecuted by police and prosecutors who are funded with our tax dollars. Those are the same cops and prosecutors, incidentally, who act in the name of "The People of New Jersey."

Marshall was tried and convicted in open court. For the last 22 years, you, I and every other NJ taxpayer have been paying over $20,000 a year to keep him imprisoned. We taxpayers have also been paying the salaries of the prosecutors, public defenders and numerous judges that have handled Marshall's appeals over the years. I think it would be fair to say that we taxpayers have already shelled out over $1 million because of Robert O. Marshall and the meter is still running.

Moreover, the decision rendered on Marshall's appeal by the US Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit will affect how every future death penalty case in New Jersey is handled.

With all due respect -- and I do like and admire your posts -- you are wrong about the Marshall case not being newsworthy. Like it or not, crime is news.

7:02 AM, August 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Marshall hadn't murdered his wife, would anyone's life (other than the Marshalls') be any different?


The money spent on Marshall's appeals and imprisonment could have easily been loaned to, say, potential medical students who otherwise were unable to attend medical school for financial reasons, and because the state lacked the funds necessary to provide sufficient financial aid to those potential students.

The money spent on Marshall could have been used to hire more police officers -- officers whose mere presence on the streets of New Jersey would, as numerous studies have shown, deter crimes from ever happening in the first place.

Or the money could have been spent on expanding programs that provide much-needed prescription drugs to low-income senior citizens. Or that money could have been used for property tax relief. That money could have used to help build schools or repair roads. That money could be used to fight the terrorists that threaten our very lives and our liberty.

And the scenarios cited above are just a few of many examples that could be proffered. There is no end to how many lives were adversely affected because Robert Marshall had his wife murdered. Again, the murder of Maria Marshall, like most crime stories reported in the press, are newsworthy. Crime affects us all.

9:56 AM, August 23, 2006  
Blogger Fred Garvin said...

Marshall's tab of a million is only one of THOUSANDS being run up by worthless deviants who have been given death or "life" sentences in this country. It costs us BILLIONS! That money could much better be spent on alternate fuel or medical research, giving economically disadvantaged, worthy students an education, or even funding a NASA trip to Mars. ANYTHING but keeping these maniacs alive for decades! If you or I needed that million for an operation, the state would sure give US a death penalty!!! "Can't pay? Well you'll just have to die then". I have read "Blind Faith" and am convinced that Marshall was eminately qualified to "ride the lightning". If anti-death penalty advocates think that these felons are so important that they can't bear to be without them-let THEM pay to keep them!!!!

12:20 PM, December 21, 2007  

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