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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Voice of the people

Among my duties on the editorial page staff is to screen the letters. They're only the opinions of those who choose to write, so they don't constitute a scientific sample. But reading them does offer a glimpse of what's on readers' minds. The dominant themes this week are immigration and New Jersey's budget woes.

The question of how best to deal with the number of illegal immigrants in New Jersey has been a topic of our letter writers for at least three years - before it became so prominent on the national radar. The majority of those who write express little sympathy for people who come to this country illegally and then take advantage of the benefits afforded them here. David Broder's column on the Op-Ed page Thursday provides an unusual insight: What legal immigrants think of the illegals.

The budget letters, prompted no doubt by our coupon accompanying editorials and letters packages, are chock-full of ideas for how to cut spending in New Jersey. None of them defends Gov. Corzine's more-taxes approach. Most marvel that more has not been done to trim the fat. If our readers can reel off idea after idea to save money, why can't the folks in Trenton? A full page of those ideas will run on the Op-Ed page Friday. We encourage you to contribute your own ideas, in these blogs and on our letters pages. Letters should be e-mailed to


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If New Jersey needs more tax revenue, they should start at Throckmorton street in Freehold. Therer are many illegal aliens and employers that do not pay their applicable taxes. Many of us are tired of watching as laws get broken by some while the rest uf us have to now vote on a referendum to pay for the shooling of illegal children.

I speak for the law abiding, real workers , of Freehold

4:52 PM, March 29, 2006  

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