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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Marriage sham

The sanctity of marriage was thrown for another loop this week when a couple willing to take a chance on love met for the very first time for a commitment ceremony arranged by a New York radio station. Their applications for the bride and groom contest were screened by the radio jocks, they proposed on Valentine's Day and they were committed Wednesday, in New Jersey no less. They didn't have to go through the blood test, residency stuff or officiant to make it a binding marriage.

What a crock! The gag makes the real commitment of marriage a joke and a mere excuse to juice up ratings.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a good thing it wasn't on the Opie and Anthony show,they would have consumated the marraige in St. Patricks Cathedral.

2:05 PM, February 23, 2006  
Blogger Sergeant-At-Arms said...

I don't think it was acutally official was it? There was no certificate. It was more of an extreme dating adventure. Besides, they were getting separate accommodations for their "honeymoon."

8:45 AM, February 24, 2006  
Anonymous Barrie Alan Peterson said...

Yes, it's a media sham and no professiional clergyperson or official should participate. A NYC producer was aghast about 10 years ago when I wouldn't marry on air a couple they had found in Vegas and were to bring in. "We'll pick you up in a black car and our Green Room has lots of great food" she pleaded. I said appearing on TV wasn't my big goal in life. When profit drives the media, all values are undermined.
Being a Princeton Theological Seminary grad and authorized by my Essex Co. Unitarian Universalist Church, I offer preparation and ceremony officiating to couples for marriages or commitment ceremonies. Counseling always preceeds composing the ceremony!!

---Barrie Alan Peterson, South Orange 973-761-0216

10:16 AM, March 02, 2006  

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